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Take a few moments to browse through our online gallery and see for yourself the incredible transformations that we've achieved with our aircraft detailing services. If you're ready to elevate the appearance of your aircraft to new heights, contact us today to schedule any detailing service with Open Hangar Detail.


Looking to make your aircraft shine and stand out from the rest? Brightwork is one of the most notable and important detail on the exterior of your aircraft.

Clean brightwork not only improves the looks but also the fuel efficiency of your aircraft!


Polishing an aircraft's paint is important not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for maintaining the aircraft's performance and longevity. A polished surface reduces drag, helps prevent corrosion, and protects against harmful UV rays, ultimately prolonging the life of the aircraft.


Maintaining an aircraft's interior is crucial for ensuring the safety and comfort of its passengers. Regular cleaning and upkeep of the cabin, seats, and other components can help prevent damage, maintain functionality, and create a pleasant travel experience for all on board.


Maintaining an aircraft's boot with boot sealant is essential for preventing leaks, water damage, and corrosion. Properly sealing the boot can prolong the life of the aircraft's components and ensure the safety and comfort of its passengers.

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